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Teacher Training

Our twenty-session teacher training offers an opportunity for you to go deeper into the eastern arts of the inner sciences.  During our program, you are invited to explore your own unconscious processes in a safe environment while also gaining the knowledge necessary to become a certified teacher in the Third Wave Mindful Awareness approach. 


Five day residential program designed to turbo-charge innovation and take a business idea to the next level.


Himalayan Fire Yoga


Yoga + Meditation focused upon a fire can help you stabilize your attention.  Plus, it's fun. 

 Mondays 6:00 am - Noon.   November - May

Dinner Parties


These events are limited to our members to maintain a sense of playful community and discuss questions of philosophic importance.  Offered the last weekend each month.

Talks on Interesting Topics


We offer talks on interesting topics in a small group setting.  We provide a relaxed space in which you can also develop your own ideas and work in a cafe-like setting.

Sleep Lab


Evening discussions on sleep, which includes tips on sleep hygiene, measuring the quality of your sleep and dreams.  Good sleep is the cornerstone of solid health.  Free.  Sundays 6:00pm.