awakening your genius through the science of mindful awareness



Mindful Awareness is the Key


Art of Thinking is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ideas of Third Wave Mindful Awareness.  We provide workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings for any one interested in taking their mindful awareness practice to the next level.

Do We Ever Learn to Think?


Modern education fails us in our most basic cognitive function: how to think effectively.   How do you know if the news is fake?  How to best interact with others?  How to be both successful and happy?  These are the questions that when known, all else is known.

A Complete System


To achieve your full potential, we provide individual and group sessions and a path for you to become a teacher in your own right.  We teach classes in consultation with those within both the buddhist and psychotherapeutic traditions, and customize a program based on yoyur individual strengths and weaknesses.